Gifts that both mommy and baby will love – for today and forever

Luka’s Linen began with a chance meeting of two Cape Town-based moms.

Lynne sources materials and draws inspiration for Luka’s Linen. Having studied
design and worked in retail, Lynne has an eye for detail and quality. When she’s not
hunting down the perfect find on her travels, she runs an empowerment project with
a group of women beaders in Hout Bay, Cape Town.

Lojanka handles operations for Luka’s Linen. She’s an interior designer whose years
of experience have equipped her to manage turnkey property development projects.
Lojanka’s passion for children’s health and wellness keeps her motivated to juggle
business with caring for her two young daughters.

A balanced partnership.
The two moms, twenty years different in age, have combined their skills to put quality
engineering at the heart of Luka's Linen. Together, they’ve created a contemporary,
yet traditional brand that prioritises simplicity and signature detailing.